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In the course of publishing books, a publishing enterprise will encounter a great many booksellers, book stores, and manuscripts. Inevitably staff and management will be in a position to acquire several. It makes obvious economic sense to do so and make them available to the public, so as to provide an additional stream of economic support for the enterprise.

In short: we come across a lot of books that we haven’t necessarily published ourselves, and when we come across ones we think would interest our readership, we buy them and make them available for sale here.

Titles are listed below.  Some of the books are autographed first editions. Some are clear-jacketed first editions. Some are just good reads at an affordable price.

If you are interested in buying any particular volume, email us through our contact page and let us know. Prices are $5 per soft cover, $7 per hard cover, $10 per First Editions (unless otherwise marked) and $15 for editions autographed by the author (unless otherwise marked). Prices do not include shipping and handling (an additional $4 surcharge).


Autographed First Editions:

  • Robert Greene: The 48 Laws of Power (Softback)
  • Brad Leithauser: A Few Corrections
  • Philip Appleman: Apes and Angels
  • Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: The Bill Slider Omnibus (Mystery, Softback)
  • Frank J. Edwards: Final Mercy (Medical Thriller, Softback)


First Editions:

    • Edward Limonov:  Memoirs of a Russian Punk (First U.S. Edition, Judson Rosengrant, Trans.)
    • Suzi Gablik:  The Reenchantment of Art
    • Ronald Sukenick: 98.6
    • John Cheever:  Oh What A Paradise It Seems
    • George Steiner: The Portage to San Cristobal of A. H.
    • R. K. Narayan:  Waiting for the Mahatma
    • Alfred Neumann:  Six of Them
    • Hayden Carruth:  After The Stranger: Imaginary Dialogues with Camus

– purchased

  • Richard Lattimore, Trans.:  The New Testament


General Stock:

  • Ian Fleming:  You Only Live Twice (1964 Book Club Edition)
  • A Solovyov Anthology (S. L. Frank, Editor)

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