Books by Colin Trafford

Novel-length and Series Fiction by science fiction writer Colin Trafford

Terrible Swift Sword

Life on earth has long been obliterated. But lost among the stars a human colony has survived, grown, and spread across a far desert planet.

The new planet is dominated by old nationalisms and the threat of civil and global war, but one arena of battle is no more: the battle of the sexes. The female sex has been entirely eradicated and replaced by mechanized simulations — an experimental handful of whom have come to rebellious consciousness as Armageddon looms.

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The Six Fingers Of Time

Controversial scientist Edward Elgar Raven has devoted a half century of his life to developing a way to travel through time.

Over the years he has created a Think Tank that has assembled some of the most brilliant and radical minds in science, as well as some of the most ruthless and radical military and intelligence renegades to protect them from suspicious governments — of this world and others.

The procedure has finally been perfected, and Raven becomes the first man to travel in time — but for reasons know only to himself, reasons which threaten to shatter the very fabric of time itself. As slowly he ceases to be a man at all…

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Looking Forward To The Past

By the late twenty-first century, a convergence of catastrophes has plunged the world into a nightmare conflict of ethnic nationalism. China is buckling under the weight of brutally ruling an Africa with a population of over six billion. America has dissolved into breakaway ethnic Hispanic, black, Mormon, and Christian and Islamic Fundamentalist states. Europe has been overrun by Islamic fundamentalists in the wake of decades of guerilla and civil war.

As devastating storms and environmental chaos ravage much of the world, white Europeans and Americans have fled far north in the wake of massive Islamic and African immigration, and formed The Rim — an association of former European, North American, and neo-Soviet states that remain the most technologically advanced surviving political entity.

But that very advance has produced a Singularity: an artificial intelligence of miraculous power and cryptic, more than human intellectual capacity. And it has opened the door to Heaven — as aliens arrive from Sagittarius with a gift from the stars: a gift of new pasts…

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