Online Tax Lien Tax Deed Links and Resources

These are some of the online links and services I use when researching tax liens and tax deeds.  They should be up to date, but I have to admit that I don’t visit them all every single day of the week.  If one should turn out to be a bad link, please email me or let me know.  Also, if you hear of a great tax lien or tax deed resource, don’t hesitate to share.

Online Forums

Bigger Pockets

Active Rain

REI Club

Online Tax Auction Sites Annual Real Property Tax Sale

100 Best Auction Sites

Practice Tax Sale Auction Sites

Arizona Practice Site

Colorado Practice Tax Sale Site

Florida Practice Site

New Jersey Practice Site


Google Maps:

Google Earth:

Yahoo! Maps:

Bing Maps:

US Geocode Information:

Foreclosure Properties and Information

Foreclosure Statistics:

HUD Homes:

Government Homes for Sale:

Foreclosure Search:

Foreclosure Listings:

Foreclosure Records:

Property Information and Valuation



Yahoo! Homes



I should add that sometimes lenders and banks have pages on their web sites that list REO properties for sale.  It’s worth searching their site.  It’s also worth searching a property on Google.  If it’s ever made the news — drug busts, domestic violence, whatever — it’s worth knowing.

Many a local newspaper has a real estate section, and online at that.  Give it a search.


Realtor Sales / RealtorListings:

Multiple Listing Service

MLS – Canada

National Association of Realtors®

Some people regard realtors as your best source of information on local properties; let’s just say that they are often a very good source of information of local properties.

Professional Associations

Mortgage Bankers Association:

Mortgage Brokers Association:

National Association of Realtors®:

National REIA (NREIA):

Rental Property Managers (NARPM):

The Feds

Fannie Mae:

Freddie Mac:


Internal Revenue Service:

US Department of Veteran Affairs

US Government info site:

Public Property Records

Public Records:

Public Records Search:

Bankruptcy Records:

Chapter 13 Records:

LexisNexis Public Records:

Tax Records Search:

Search Systems:

Yellow/White Pages:

Virtual Gumshoe:

Most state, county, and city recorder’s offices also maintain records online.

People Searches


Intelius Search:

Lycos People Search:

People Search:

Skip Ease:



Most of those involve either a fee, sometimes hefty, or joining on a subscription basis; the best exception is ZabaSearch. 

Credit Reports

Annual Credit Reports:



Demographic Information

Cost of Living Statistics:

Census Information:

Federal Housing Oversight:

Federal Statistics:

Labor Statistics:

Crime Information

US Dept of Justice:

FBI Crime Reports:

State Crime Statistics:

City Crime Statistics:



Attorney / Legal Resources Lawyer Search:

Legal Questions:

Legal Forms:

Free Legal Forms and Research:

Attorney Search:

Tax Information

Federal Tax Information:

Tax Search:

Tax and Assessor Search:

Most all tax searches are done at the local county or city level. Since the number of counties run into the many thousands, I haven’t listed them one by one, but it’s easy enough to just type your city, town or county name into Google along with “tax assessor” or “treasurer’s office” to get connected to their website


First AmericanTitle Insurance Research:

Old Republic Title:

Stewart Title:

These are some of the major title insurers. Of course each major town and city has its own, and you can often find agents associated with attorney offices.

Appraisal Resources

Appraisers Forum: HUD

Appraisal Institute:

Appraiser Search:


Rehab and Repair

Home Depot:

Construction Calculators:

Lowe’s Job Estimator:

Quote Estimator:


Environmental Resources

Environmental Protection Agency:

Environmental Sites:

Lead-Based Paint Information:

Lead Disclosure Rule:

Pollution Statistics:

Superfund Sites:

Other Resource Sites



Defense Industry Daily: Real Estate

Do Not Call List:


Landlording:  Mr. Landlord

Luxury Real Estate:


Mortgage Payment Calculator:

Rental Price Comparison and Valuation:

Real Estate Blog Marketing:

Robert Kiyosaki:

Zip Lookup:

Social Media:







Second Life 

Social media can waste more time than provide results; but don’t underestimate the value of finding — or starting — investment or other financial groups there.

General Financial:

New York Times Real Estate Pages

Wall Street Journal Real Estate Pages


Tommy Senatore

John Lane

Joanne Musa

Larry Loftis

Chip Cummings

Sean Higgins and Tony Martinez

Ted Thomas

Note: I do NOT mean to give a blanket endorsement to any of the individuals or courses above, and if you sign up with any of them, you do so at your own risk.  I must honestly say that, personally, I regard Tommy Senatore as the best instructor listed above, that John Lane is a resource every tax lien and deed investor relies on (though I have never taken any of his courses), and that I’ve been very impressed by the plain-speaking affordability of Joanne Musa. But those are just my personal opinions.  I have no business connection with anyone named above. 


John T. Reed

Ripoff Report

Ditto.  Reed is worth reading, in no small part because he’s hilarious: he dumps Kiyosaki and Trump at the bottom of the real estate guru category, and puts ‘my mother’ at the top! What could be fairer and more objective?  As for Ripoff Report, they post any complaint from anyone, regardless of whether it’s just, justified, or from a competitor under a fake name. Take any given complaint with a grain of salt, but if you see 1000 complaints, look further and think twice.


As of July 29,2014, these links are up to date and good.  But sites go away, and better sites come along.  If any one of these sites turns up blank, let me know, so I can correct it.  

And if you find a really good tax-lien or real-estate-related web site of online resource you think people should know about, please send along the link.  I don’t promise I’ll put it up, but I will definitely take a look at it and give it consideration.

My Personal Top 10

I don’t say these are the ten best sites online; but they are among the sites I visit or use the most.

Bigger Pockets


James Edition


New York Times Real Estate Pages

Wall Street Journal Real Estate Pages