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Being an author in the age of the internet is no longer what it was. Neither is the process of publishing a book in the new techological environment. Change is rapid, on-going, frequently punishing, and sometimes rich with new possibilities.

Pascal Editions provides services for both publishers and writers that may help them to navigate the new publishing environment both old and new ways:

Research Services

Is there a market for a given book? Will the public respond? Absolute certainly may not be possible, but by analyzing keyword usage and studying existing buying patterns, it certainly is possible to see how the reading public is responding to similar subjects and products, and in that way help authors to know whether their book idea is viable before they commit the time and work needed to make it a reality.

And once a commitment is made to the book, what about the content? Material may need to be studied, information gathered, facts checked. Pascal Editions can assist the author in finding material critically necessary to easy and successful creation of the book.


Many individuals who have books within them may not have the experience or time needed to produce a manuscript. The time-honored practice of ghostwriting brings a professional writer to collaborate. Draft material may be gotten through interviews, shaped into draft material, reviewed and corrected by the author, and finally reach publication in a way that realizes the author’s goals without the hassles and frustration of doing it entirely alone.


Once a book is done, facts need to be checked, words need to be proofed, slips need to be corrected, second thoughts need to be implemented, and a finished as opposed to a preliminary draft needs to be made reader for the printer. Pascal Editions can help bring a manuscript from a rough stage to a polished one fit to present to a now-global public.

Book Design and Formatting

Books need covers. Book interiors need to be laid out. Fonts and heading and imaegs, if any, need to be laid out with thoughtfulness and care. Pascal Edition can produce print-ready or Kindle- or epub-ready documents ready for the printer or for download.


How will the book actually be made available to readers? How and from whom will the reader be able to place an order? What offline booksellers will stock the book, and what online booksellers will ship it? What about legalities such as copyright and ISBNs? Pascal Editions can see to it that the author’s book can be found and purchased quickly, easily, and competitively.


Writing a book is not enough to ensure that people will read it. To increase the chances of that, it has to be marketed. Advertisements, social media like Facebook and Twitter, press releases — an extensive and measurable variety of ways exist to bring a book to the attention of the reading public; Pascal Editions can implement them on an author’s behalf.

The Bottom Line

Pascal Editions can help an author decide whether a book is viable in the marketplace. We can help the author actually write it, we can help the author edit and polish it, we can make it ready for print or digital publication, we can assist the author with distributors and sellers or make it possible to sell it him- or herself, and finally we can promote and market it. In addition, we can provide these services piecemeal, or consult with the author concerning whichever step along the way gives him or her most pause.

Creating a book is a process. It can be a long and arduous and uncertain process, or it can be an easy, enjoyable and successful one. Pascal Editions provides services that can ease the journey and increase the chances for success.

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